Curtis Arnold arrested over video of Nicola Bulley’s corpse slams cops, says handcuffs left ‘marks’

INSKIP, LANCASHIRE: Curtis Arnold, a self-proclaimed ‘TikTok detective’ who was arrested for filming Nicola Bulley’s body being pulled from the river, claimed he had committed no crime in a YouTube rant. Bulley’s body was found on February 19, 2023, days after she disappeared while walking her dog. Arnold, who uploaded the disturbing video to YouTube and TikTok, has been heavily criticized for the video which garnered a million views and earned him almost $1,195.09 (£1,000) in royalties

However, Arnold was arrested on suspicion of malicious communication offenses and was charged with duping the police. He was released on bail in June and his bail conditions prohibited him from sharing content online about the case or discussing it publicly. It is also forbidden to enter Lancashire. In his new video, the YouTuber denounced his arrest and complained about Lancashire Police without naming the officer.

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Nicola was found in the reeds of the River Wyre in Lancashire on Sunday (Facebook/Lancashire Police)

“I did not post the video to cause harm”

“My arrest for…Lancashire Police proves their point and prohibits me from leaving Lancashire and…uploading or talking about their case,” he said on his ‘Curtis Media’ YouTube channel. “Even if I talk about my case and my arrest on a video, I have to be very careful not to talk about this case,” according to Daily Mail. The 45-year-old explained that the police arrested him at his grandparents’ home and during which he was heavily handled.

Arnold’s arrest relates to footage taken on February 19 inside a police cordon near the River Wyre in Lancashire and posted online. This is the day the body of 45-year-old mother-of-two Nicola Bulley was found by dog ​​walkers in reeds and recovered by officers. He complains: “I still have marks on my hands from the handcuffs. That’s how tight they got them. They could have just knocked on the door. They could have even called me and I would have presented myself for a voluntary interview, no problem.

Arnold added, “Basically guys, I didn’t post the video to cause any harm or stress. I just posted it for my media channel as everyone knows. I think everyone knows that ‘no crime has been committed here and I think everyone knows why the police did this to me. They made it so I couldn’t go there anymore and I couldn’t make videos on the case. That’s what the locals wanted and that’s what they got. They made a decent offense. My lawyer said it didn’t fit, but obviously they did and I’m free. on bail for three months and that’s it.

“Our priority is to support Nicola’s family”

Additionally, a police spokesman, while discussing Arnold’s arrest, said: “The man was detained on Wednesday morning with the assistance of West Mercia Police and has since been released on bail. bail with conditions. Our priority is and always has been to support Nicola’s family and the wider community of St Michael’s. We hope this arrest will reassure you that we take concerns seriously and will act on them.

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