Cousin criticized for trying to upstage the couple by proposing to his fiancée on the big day

Have you ever found yourself with the startling realization that someone else wanted to upstage you on your big day? A redditor did, and she posted her very funny experience on Reddit. The poster had said that her bridesmaid, Ashlyn, and groom’s best man, Andy, had been dating for three years and the latter wanted to propose to the premiere during one of their wedding dress fittings.

The wedding duo accepted and the proposal went through, which she describes as “beautiful”. However, she goes on to say that her fiancé’s cousin asked her to speak to her fiancé because he was angry that he hadn’t gotten permission to propose to his girlfriend at their wedding! “It was slightly funny because my fiancé had been sitting next to me at the table with a grumpy look on his face for an hour, now I know why. I texted the cousin and told him that if my fiancé said no, I would too,” the poster said. However, things didn’t stop there and escalated into a bigger issue, as revealed on the Reddit platform AITA (Am I the A*****e).

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The cousin’s mother then continued to call and text continuously and leave notes on the couple’s Facebook page, saying “it was unfair to the cousin and his girlfriend that they couldn’t get engaged at my wedding even though we let our friends get engaged.”

This, it seems, is an aunt who had tried to interfere with wedding preparations and had a breakdown over who was invited to the wedding. The poster then details that her fiancé’s mother and sister had ended this as quickly as possible. However, Facebook users who had seen the aunt’s comments on their posts are now also harassing the couple.

The verdict is in!

Redditors were overwhelmingly supportive of the couple, with one saying, “Imagine being so presumptuous as to think you had every right to get engaged on someone else’s big day.” A second user also slammed the cousin for being a freeloader, saying, “As the dress fitting and the wedding day are two completely different events. Someone is looking for a free party by getting engaged at someone’s wedding One of the users also offered the distressed couple a solution: “Don’t give the cousin one plus one, then he can’t bring the (possibly future) fiancé to the wedding and therefore can’t to propose.”

‘You’ve spent so much time loving money and worrying about planning this wedding, there’s no reason it should be anyone’s day but you and your husbands,’ one said. user, after criticizing the cousin and his intentions. Another user also summed up the whole incident in one word and felt that it was the “best way to not get invited to a wedding”.

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