Cole Silva: Queen Creek honors brave 7-year-old boy who saved his 3-year-old sister from drowning in a pool

QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA: In a heartwarming ceremony, the Queen Creek, Arizona City Council gathered to recognize the exceptional courage of 7-year-old Cole Silva, who, in a quick and selfless act, saved his sister from 3 years. following a potentially tragic incident in their swimming pool.

Cole Silva’s heroic actions did not go unnoticed as he received a special award from the Queen Creek Police and Fire Departments during a ceremony on Wednesday evening, November 15. This recognition highlighted the importance of Cole’s rapid response, which played a crucial role in potentially saving his sister’s life in August.

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(Town of Queen Creek, Arizona)
City Council Honored Cole Silva with Special Award (Town of Queen Creek, Arizona)

How Cole Silva saved his little sister’s life

According to city authorities, Cole Silva, only 7 years old, saw his younger sister accidentally fall into the backyard swimming pool. Without a second of hesitation, the little boy rushed to save his younger sister while calling for help.

A family friend, alerted by Cole Silva’s urgent cries, rushed to the scene and joined the rescue, administering CPR to the 3-year-old girl. Thanks to Cole Silva’s quick thinking and courage, the little girl was rescued from the water and by the time paramedics arrived, the 3-year-old was reportedly breathing and responding, according to the town of Queen Creek, Arizona .

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Queen Creek Council and community salute the courage of Cole Silva

At the November 15 meeting, Queen Creek Council, in conjunction with the Police (QCPD) and Fire (QCFMD) departments, took a moment to commend Cole Silva for his remarkable act of bravery.

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Queen Creek Police Chief Randy Brice said he was pleased to honor the young hero, saying, “We are proud to honor an act of bravery by a young man in our community. Cole’s heroic actions that day saved his sister’s life. We salute Cole’s initiative, courage and selflessness. »

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