Cody Rhodes Praises Logan Paul for Outstanding In-Ring Performance

CLEVELAND, OHIO: One of WWE’s hottest superstars, Cody Rhodes, praised Logan Paul during a podcast appearance.

Social media influencer Logan Paul officially won the United States Championship at Crown Jewel 2023, defeating revered luchador Rey Mysterio in a high-octane encounter.

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The victory marked a milestone in Paul’s burgeoning wrestling career, cementing his status as a formidable force within the WWE Universe.

Cody Rhodes praises Logan Paul’s performance

Rhodes praised Paul for his in-ring performance in the Stamford-based promotion during a recent episode of the “GabbyAF” podcast. According to Rhodes, Paul’s popularity ruffled some feathers among “fake wrestlers.”

Rhodes said: “There are what I call ‘fake wrestlers’ in every business around the world and I think he’s probably the one that irritates them the most because his brother is an absolutely outstanding professional wrestler, absolutely exceptional. And he is the greatest rookie of all. time.”

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He continued, “Maybe he’s moving forward. So, I’m looking forward to what he does.”

The former superstar believes the organization’s decision to award the United States Championship to Paul “makes sense” for a specific reason.

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WWE icon Booker T also praised Logan Paul

Logan Paul arrives for the DAZN screening
Logan Paul praised for his boxing skills (Getty Images)

Logan Paul was also praised by WWE icon Famer Booker T in an episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast. The current NXT color commentator said Paul’s US Championship win didn’t surprise him.

Booker also noted that Paul could be used in a variety of ways by the Stamford-based company.

Booker said: “I’m not surprised, The Maverick, this guy [can] work from multiple perspectives. He can go out and perform in the wrestling ring. I think he can go out and box.”

He added: “I think he even had a little bit of MMA in his background, because he’s one of the greatest podcasters, I think, of all time. Yeah, YouTubers, it’s my fault .”

“This guy has everything it takes, so I see WWE being able to use this kid in so many different ways. Rey Mysterio has had a hell of a run, and Logan Paul, I’m not surprised he wins this match because he’s pretty good at what he does,” he concluded.

Logan Paul’s WWE schedule is not under Triple H’s control, according to Dave Meltzer.

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