Cely Vazquez’s life update regarding her overnight hospital stay sparks concern among ‘Love Island Games’ fans

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: “Love Island Games” Season 1 star Cely Vazquez shared a candid update on her life on social media, revealing a concerning situation. She revealed that her younger brother Benny was not feeling well.

In one post, she shared a photo taken from a hospital bed, writing: “Hey guys! a little life update. Benny was in the hospital, we spent all night in the ER and he was admitted to cardiac care.”

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Cely reassured her fans, saying: “He’s fine, but I’ll be by his side until he’s released.”

She announced the lack of a recap episode due to taking care of her brother, writing on her Instagram Story: “No recap episode today. I love you so much and hope you Enjoyed the season finale.”

Cely shared the photo of Benny’s foot, humorously quoting him: “Benny just poked this egg and said, ‘That’s it! A ticket to leave please!!'”

She added, “I’m reading him sweet messages from your guys, and he’s saying thanks for the prayers! We love you guys.”

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In another post, she uploaded a photo with Benny, responding to a fan’s post: “Benny is the youngest brother!”

Cely Vasquez, star of season 1 of
‘Love Island Games’ Season 1 Star Cely Vasquez Gives Fans an Update on Her Life (Instagram/@cely)

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Cely Vazquez and Eyal Booker were in the top 4 of ‘Love Island Games’ season 1

Eyal Booker and Cely Vazquez share a kiss in
Eyal Booker and Cely Vazquez were among the 4 finalists of the “Love Island Games” (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Cely, alongside Eyal Booker, secured a spot in the Top 4 of ‘Love Island Games’ Season 1, capturing fans’ hearts from the start.

Her position on the show gained strength when details of her past romance with Johnny Middlebrooks were revealed to viewers, confirming her position in the eyes of fans.

However, Cely was eliminated in the ‘Love Island Games’ season 1 mega duel, allowing Justin Ndiba and Jack Fowler, Callum Hole and Deb Chubb, as well as Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia Lamprecht to advance in the competition .

Who won season 1 of “Love Island Games”?

Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba announced the winner of “Love Island Games” season 1 (Instagram/@loveislandusa)
Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba announced as winners of ‘Love Island Games’ season 1 (Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Jack and Justin won season 1 of “Love Island Games”. The couple therefore pocketed $100,000 as prize money. Fans were already waiting for Jack and Justine’s victory before the final episode.

Jack and Justine were the only couple looking at each other from the start. They have not been seen to divert their attention and associate with anyone else. Indeed, fans thought the couple was worth the win.

Season 1 of “Love Island Games” is available to stream on Peacock.

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