California woman shot dead by her husband in front of their 2 children after an argument

DALY CITY, CALIFORNIA: Frances Kendra Lucero was shot dead by her husband as they returned home after a heated argument at a family dinner on Monday, March 6. Romier Narag, Lucero’s husband, shot her in front of their two young children, aged three and four. The horrific incident happened in Daly City, Calif., and Narag is accused of shooting the 27-year-old mother once in the leg with a 9mm handgun as she ran towards their home towards 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 6, according to Daily Mail.

The Daly City Police Department said Lucero was shot four times and Narag was quickly arrested. He faces charges of homicide, child endangerment, concealing a handgun in a moving car and possession of a loaded firearm. On Tuesday, March 16, Narag, who is currently imprisoned at Maguire Correctional Center, will appear in court in relation to the incident. Their two children are cared for by the victim’s family and are being assessed by a social worker.

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‘I wish I could hug you one more time’

Lucero’s sister wrote in a tribute to her: “To my innate best friend. I never imagined myself typing something like this for you. You were my best friend, my (sic) eaten, my 2nd mother, my platonic soulmate. I will love you forever and miss you. I wish I could hug you one more time. Have one more conversation with you,” as DailyMail reported.

The sister added, “I will forever be blessed to be able to call myself Frances Kendra’s little sister. Kuya, dad, me and mom will be fine. You are resting now. I pray that you are not in pain anymore. I pray to you. “I am at peace. My guardian angel. I love you so much.”

“Frances dedicated her life to her children”

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover Frances’ memorial services as well as any additional help her family may need to get through this difficult time. The love and support from the public allowed the fundraiser to reach more than its goal of $30,000 and a total of $38,914 was raised.

A family member wrote on the Gofundme page: “Frances dedicated her life to her children and always poured out the love she had to share. She was the most genuine, thoughtful, loyal and ambitious woman we have ever had. we all had the chance to know.”

“Frances was that friend who helped you celebrate the good times and only gave you support during the bad times. She was a beautiful mother, daughter, sister and friend who touched countless lives around her. She leaves unfortunately behind her her mother, father, little brother, little sister and her two babies,” the family member concluded.

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