Brittany Dawn Davis: Texas fitness influencer accused of defrauding clients is ready to retaliate

DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS: Brittany Dawn Davis is ready to “fight back.” The social media fitness influencer from Texas, who is currently on trial in Dallas over allegations of scamming clients into buying her personalized fitness and nutrition plans online, which promised unrealistic results, finally commented on the situation.

Davis opened up about the lawsuit in an Instagram post she posted on March 13, 2023. She wrote, “[M]It’s time to fight. [J]over 4 years. [T]That’s how long I stayed calm, silent and patiently waited on the Lord. 35,856 hours of my life I’ve wept reverently for him as I heard “don’t speak yet” as I sat by the side of the road while strangers on the internet slandered, harassed, defamed, were stalking and destroying my reputation.”

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“They have no idea”

The fitness influencer also said she had remained silent until now as social media made up stories about her and attacked her home, her family and her life. “They have no idea who they’re playing with,” she added.

“[T]here is a fire rising in my heart – like a roaring lion within me. [I]If you think you will never be found behind an anonymous account and held responsible for damages, threats, defamation and slander… think again. Christians may be soft, but we are not soft,” she continued.

On her Youtube channel, Davis also posted a video called “The Tea: It’s Trial Week” on Tuesday, in which she briefly discusses the trial while showing her viewers her morning routine.

In the video, she says, “This week is a little different. I can’t talk about it yet, but you better believe I will when it’s done. This is the trial week for me. He there’s so much I’d like I can’t say, and I can’t. I’m just not comfortable sharing anything about this lawsuit and this lawsuit.

Weight loss plan gone wrong

Davis, owner of Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC, is accused of misleading women about ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet programs and offering clients with anorexia $300 weight loss plans in the part of a fitness regimen. Reportedly, the influencer claimed to be helping thousands of women by offering fitness packages ranging from $92 to $300 that include personalized health plans, coaching services, exercise tips and advice. nutritional.

According to a complaint filed in early 2022, personalized plans and advice were never followed, the program broke consumer protection rules, misled those with eating disorders and engaged in methods dishonest business to attract customers.

Apparently, Davis’ trial was originally scheduled to begin on Monday, March 6, according to court documents, but it was officially delayed because there were multiple trials pending before his, according to a report by BuzzFeed News. The delays also appear to be related to more than $1.3 million in transactions made on Davis’ PayPal, stemming from consumer payments through defendants’ website,” but his legal team apparently only issued receipts for a total of $169,000 in payments.

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