“Brave” CinnamonToastKen attacks fellow streamers MrBeast, PewDiePie and xQc over past controversies

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: YouTuber Kenneth “CinnamonToastKen” recently took to X (formerly Twitter), playfully tackling controversies involving major figures, including Sssniperwolf, the British-American YouTuber and cosplayer. Originally known for uploading “Call of Duty Let’s Play” videos under the name “sexysexysniper”, Sssniperwolf registered the YouTube channel “SSSniperWolf” in 2013.

In a recent tweet, CinnamonToastKen included high-profile influencers such as fellow YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, his friend Felix aka PewDiePie, and Twitch stars Felix Lengyel aka xQc and SSSniperwolf. The tweet, presenting a light-hearted and humorous take on past grievances with other YouTubers, amused the internet.

CinnamonToastKen’s take on past controversies

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Ken recently shared a satirical article on X, addressing controversies involving prominent social media personalities. In the post, he humorously commented on how he is now “finding his voice” and “taking a stand”, playfully claiming to have been “tricked” and “bullied” by big internet personalities including MrBeast, xQc and PewDiePie .

Ken began the post with a conventional “coming out” introduction, announcing that he was finally taking a stand, enticing readers to delve into the subsequent content.

“Guys, I need to talk about this as I find my voice and take a stand for the first time.”

Ken made the first reference, recounting how he was “tricked” by “MrBeast” during musical chairs. MrBeast, who has the most subscribed individual channel on YouTube, is known for hosting huge competitions between internet celebrities for prizes of up to $1 million.

He said: “13 years ago MrBeast knocked me out of the top 3 musical chairs. I really had a chance to win, but he moved the chair even though he told everyone he wouldn’t.

MrBeast attends the TikTok House Party at VidCon 2022 at a private location on June 23, 2022 in Anaheim, California.
CinnamonToastKen said he was ‘tricked’ by MrBeast during musical chairs (Getty Images)

Ken then talked about SSSniperwolf exposing the JacksFilms residency to his Instagram audience and asking them to “talk like adults,” as seen in a video on his channel. SSSniperwolf was recently involved in a dispute with content creator AzzyLand over alleged stolen content.

“Also 4 years ago, sssniperwolf was really mean to me by stealing my unique thumbnail style and bullying me into not recognizing me,” Ken said.

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The third mention in the post is related to Ken’s close friend and YouTube icon, PewDiePie. PewDiePie has been accused in the past of appropriating JacksFilms’ concept “Yesterday I Asked You”, also known as YIAY, and renaming it LWIAY, meaning “Last Week I Asked You”. request “.

“And last but not least, 220 years ago pewdiepie took a lot of my video ideas and used them without telling people how it was my idea and that I’m cool,” Ken said.

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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 29: PewDiePie signs copies of his new book
CinnamonToastKen’s post also mentions his close friend and YouTube icon PewDiePie (Getty Images)

Ken particularly referred to the photo accompanying the message, where he is seen wearing an Omnitrix on his wrist. In a playful warning to his “enemies”, he claimed his watch is worth the price of their house.

This reference refers to the controversy involving xQc and Ethan ‘H3H3’. Against this backdrop, xQc sent a viral direct message to Ethan, displaying his watch following a debate between the two over the fair use of reaction content on the H3 podcast. The direct message read: “And don’t forget, I have your entire house on my wrist.”

Ken concluded: “To all my enemies, I have your entire house on my wrist to make money.”

xQc receives criticism from his viewers for performing (xqcow1/Instagram)
xQc received criticism from his viewers for performing (@xqcow1/ Instagram)

Guys, I need to talk about this as I find my voice and take a stand for the first time.

13 years ago, MrBeast knocked me out of the top 3 musical chairs. I really had a chance to win, but he moved the chair even though he told everyone he wouldn’t.

Also 4… pic.twitter.com/lUOVvuUuRW

— CinnamonToastKen (@cinnamontoastk) November 12, 2023

Internet reacts to CinnamonToastKen’s tweet

After reading CinnamonToastKen’s tweet, many users and followers expressed their thoughts. One concerned fan remarked: “Ken, this is a really big drama. So brave. Why can’t we all just get along?”

Another user, surprised by the unexpected tweet, shared a laughing GIF and commented: “I didn’t expect a tweet like this from you.”

Ken, this is a very big tragedy. So brave. why can’t we all get along? 😭🙏

— Bijuu Mike (@BijuuMike) November 13, 2023

I didn’t expect a tweet like this from you pic.twitter.com/rIzdSVx5S3

— Zoie Nolan (@ZoieNolan) November 12, 2023

A third person praised Ken’s candor, saying: “Finally, a brave soul is speaking up. »

Finally a brave soul speaks out 😂

– twoootles ✌︎ (@twoootles) November 13, 2023

The fourth user praised Ken for his openness and honesty, saying: “Damn dude doesn’t just have the tea he has the whole pot of tea here omgggggggg I’m so proud of you for being open and honest 🙏🙏 🙏” The fifth user analyzed the tweet, noting: “This tweet was inspired by several recent internet dramas”

Damn, dude doesn’t just have the tea, he has the whole pot of tea here

omgggggggg I am so proud of you for your openness and honesty 🙏🙏🙏

-NightSmudge | Commissions: OPEN (@nightsmudge) November 13, 2023

This is the kind of content I follow you for, Ken.

— Max Jones (@MaxGlynJones_) November 13, 2023

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