‘Bleach is toxic’: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick slammed for dying underage son Reign’s hair blonde

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Scott Disick recently shared photos celebrating Purim with his kids, and it looks like Kourtney Kardashian isn’t the only family member getting a makeover. Her son Reign was seen sporting bleached blonde locks in the photos. The 8-year-old was captured in a crimson hoodie, red t-shirt underneath and black track pants, holding a soccer ball with the laces facing the camera. Disick captioned the photo, “Laces out.” In another close-up photo, Reign’s dark eyelashes and eyebrows contrasted with his light hair. This isn’t Reign’s first time changing his hairstyle, as he previously sported a mohawk after chopping off his long locks last year.

The internet was quick to react to this post, wondering if it was an ethical choice, as Reign is only a minor. This new hairstyle was released just days after Kourtney launched her platinum blonde bob look to her Instagram followers as she showed off her sexy leather look.


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Was Reign’s blonde hair inspired by Kourtney’s new look?

Kourtney is no stranger to experimenting with her looks as she recently sported a platinum blonde bob and shared her photos on Instagram. The ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star chose to sit on a casino slot machine while flaunting her new hairstyle. She paired an oversized white t-shirt with a striking black leather miniskirt. She shared the post with a quote from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” by Hunter S Thompson. The captions read, “Once in a while, when your life gets messy and the weasels start to close in, the only cure is to stock up on the heinous chemicals and then drive like a Hollywood bastard to Las Vegas. ..with the music blaring and at least a pint of ether.”

Kourtney and Disick had their ups and downs and separated for good in 2015 after dating for nearly 10 years. But they still come together for the sake of their children, and this new hairstyle might just be one of those examples. It’s hard to say if Reign’s new look was inspired by her mother, Kourtney. But these two hair makeovers were perfectly timed and released within days of each other.

Reign, 8, was seen in a new hairstyle (Instagram/letthelordbewithyou)

Internet outraged by Reign’s new look

Reign’s new makeover didn’t sit well with netizens. Scott and Kourtney have been slammed for dyeing a minor’s hair. One user commented, “Handsome boy. He’s very young to get his hair dyed. Children’s hair is thinner and it’s more sensitive to bleach. I don’t understand why you would do that.” while another said: “Mom is crazy about healthy eating but is bleaching this little boy’s hair. 🤣” Some users were really concerned about the health risks associated with hair coloring. They said, “Oh my 🤔 There’s a reason chemicals are kept away from children. The order alone is enough.”

Hatred against the couple also poured in with comments like, “@kourtneykardash always preaches organic and chemical free, then she allows the bleach on her child’s scalp to die on her hair…the girl needs to get her hypocrisy checked. I’m a hairdresser and bleach on anyone’s scalp isn’t great…especially on a child. BLEACH IS TOXIC.” and “Kourtney is a bad mother. The way she raises her children is appalling. That’s why her siblings never make her a godmother.” But most users pointed out in the post that Reign looked like a younger version of Justin Bieber, as one commented, “That’s Justin Bieber.”

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