Bill Maher Criticizes Barack Obama’s ‘Moral Equivalency’ Stance on Israel-Hamas Conflict, Internet Agrees

WASHINGTON, DC: “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized former President Barack Obama’s remarks on the Israel-Hamas conflict during a panel discussion on Friday, November 10.

Maher expressed disappointment, accusing Obama of promoting “moral equivalence” between Israel and Hamas.

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The 44th president asserted that “we are all complicit” during a recent discussion with “Pod Save America.”

“What Hamas has done is horrible, and there is no justification for it. And what is also true is that the occupation and what is happening to the Palestinians is unbearable,” Obama said. “If you want to solve the problem, then you have to accept the whole truth. And then you have to admit that no one’s hands are clean, that we are all complicit to some extent.”

Criticism of Obama’s ‘complicit’ statement

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Maher, in response to Obama’s statement, said: “I have to say that I still struggle with people’s moral equivalence.” I mean, Barack Obama, who has rarely disappointed me, made it this week… His statement, I mean, it’s not a horrible statement, but he said, “If you want to solve the problem, then you have to accept the whole truth and then you have to admit that no one’s hands are clean.” Literally, that’s true, of course. But just giving two examples where that happens, I don’t think that’s a useful statement at the moment.”

Maher emphasized the recency of the October 7 attack, saying: “First of all, the attack took place only a month ago. A more savage attack than we’ve ever seen on the reverse. There is a big difference between collateral damage and what Hamas did. “.

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He continued: “Secondly, the Israelis are now taking a four-hour break so people can go out. So people say, “Oh, wow, they’re big.” Ok, but it’s a war that the other side started! It’s so interesting. When they shot [at] Israel. It’s a war. When Israel retaliates, it is a war crime. A little crazy… And would Hamas do that? Would they give four-hour breaks? No, no break.”

“And then, in an interview, the Israeli heritage minister was asked about the use of a nuclear weapon on Gaza. And he said, ‘That’s one of the possibilities.’ He was fired, no longer allowed to attend Cabinet meetings, and disowned by the Prime Minister. Would this happen the other way around? So enough moral equivalencies, please “, he added.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 24: Bill Maher attends the Los Angeles Premiere of LBJ at ArcLight Hollywoo
Bill Maher highlighted the recency of the October 7 attack (Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

As Fox News reported, the comedian reminded the panel not to forget the “Islamic fanaticism” part of Hamas “because you’re not supposed to talk about it anymore because if you do, even if it’s realistically, it becomes Islamophobic.”

“But it’s true!” Maher explained. “Hamas members who kill their own compatriots think they are doing them a favor because they are becoming martyrs. This is a different type of situation than what Israel faces and one that most people are not familiar with.”

Maher also responded to an open letter signed by more than 750 journalists advocating terms like “apartheid” and “genocide” to describe Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

“They couldn’t be more pro-Hamas,” he said. “They say they want the editorial staff to adopt words like ‘apartheid’. Anyway, I hear it all the time, it’s not true. And I hear ‘genocide’. Again, it’s is false. Israel is not trying to commit genocide. The other side is openly saying we would like to commit genocide against you.

Reactions on social networks

Social media was flooded with reactions to Maher’s comments.

“One of the rare times I completely agree with Bill Maher,” someone posted on X.

“Obama is a disgrace!” another wrote.

“Obama’s actions are increasingly eroding his reputation,” someone else added.

“It took him this long to be disappointed in Obama??” wondered another.

One of the few times I completely agree with Bill Maher.

– magellan (@magellan1910123) November 11, 2023

Obama is a disgrace!

– DJ (@dantelpowers) November 11, 2023

Obama’s actions are increasingly eroding his reputation.

– Ggamja123 (@Ggamja123) November 11, 2023

It took him this long to be disappointed in Obama??

— Paige Franks (@PawgeUA) November 11, 2023

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