Bill Burr ripped apart as he defended his ‘hilarious’ wife after she knocked down Donald Trump at UFC 295

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Comedian Bill Burr found himself in a sticky situation after speaking out in defense of his wife, Nia Renee Hill, who previously received severe backlash for giving the former double birdie US President Donald Trump at UFC 295.

The incident took place on Saturday, November 11, when Trump entered Madison Square Garden alongside UFC President Dana White, Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson and his son Donald Trump Jr.

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He sat ringside to watch the main event directly in front of Burr and Hill, the comedian’s wife of 10 years. As Trump prepared to take his seat, arena cameras panned to him and captured Hill making the sign behind his back.

Bill Burr’s wife Nia gives Trump the double bird, that’s the content I’m here for

— Wu Tang is for kids (@WUTangKids) November 12, 2023

Trump seemed completely unaware of this gesture as he continued to scan the room. Burr’s head, meanwhile, was turned in the opposite direction.

The images have now attracted immense attention on social media, with some users finding the act bold and funny, and others calling it “trashy” and “classless”.

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What did Bill Burr say about his wife Nia Renee Hill making fun of Donald Trump?

Nearly a week after the incident, Bill Burr appeared on “The Rich Eisen Show,” where he defended Nia Renee Hill, saying, “I love my wife, you know where you stand with her. The guy entered the arena, everyone applauded., she gave him the finger, no one was arrested. That’s why this country is great!”

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Did Bill Burr lie???

– OOC MMA (@oocmma) November 19, 2023

He continued: “Everyone has spoken. Can we all be adults? I came here to go to the fights. I didn’t know I was going to the Republican National Convention.”

Burr then compared Trump’s praise at the MSG hearing to “the acquittal of OJ Simpson.” He further said the former president was getting the “Michigan treatment” after receiving a warm reception during his trial in the city for a $250 million fraud, according to the Daily Mail.

The “Old Dads” star concluded the conversation by calling his wife “hilarious” and poking fun at the incident as a funny moment.

Internet Reacts to Bill Burr’s Remarks That His Wife Makes Fun of Donald Trump

After Bill Burr’s remarks regarding the incident surfaced, many users criticized the comedian for defending his wife by calling the controversial incident a “funny” moment.

One wrote: “I don’t really care what his wife did, I laughed because she thought she was a rebel. But you can’t be mad either , Bill Burr going after the woke establishment, then people shout that your wife is doing the same woke establishment TDS and you deviate. You can’t have both sides either.

“He lied when he said she was hilarious,” said another, while one person added: “I’ve been saying this for years, they’re the biggest hypocrites ever.”

Someone else noted: “No one cried, everyone just laughed at her and said ‘They’re crying!’.” “Damn, they’re going to have to sew everyone’s sides together soon, it’s hilarious,” one user expressed.

One disgruntled person wrote: “He’s a horrible comedian, now he needs to get funnier.”

I don’t really care what his wife did, I laughed because she thought she was a rebel. But you also can’t be pissed, Bill Burr goes after the woke establishment and then people yell that your wife is doing the same woke establishment TDS and you turn away. You can’t have both advantages either

– 🦇Sp👀ky Thangs… Latina4Freedom (@SpookLilly) November 19, 2023

He lied when he said she was hilarious

— Squid Inc (@SquidIncMMA) November 19, 2023

I’ve been saying this for years, they are the biggest hypocrites ever.

– Luca (@NotLucBrazz) November 19, 2023

No one cried, everyone just made fun of her and he claims “they’re crying!”

— Cultural War Criminal (@WarCriminal0001) November 19, 2023

Damn, they’ll have to sew everyone’s sides together soon, it’s hilarious

– EuroDez (@djx1984) November 19, 2023

He’s a terrible comedian now, he needs to get funnier

– Josh 🐺 (@OGIlluminaaughty) November 20, 2023

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