Bianca Devins: Chilling body camera video shows Brandon Clark trying to slit her throat after killing teenager

UTICA, NEW YORK: Heartbreaking body camera footage released recently shows the chilling moment Brandon Andrew Clark attempted to slit his throat after murdering teenage social media influencer Bianca Devins. Devins, 17, was brutally murdered by her male acquaintance, Clark, on July 14, 2019. The horrific body camera video is part of the recent documentary ‘The Murder of Bianca Devins’, which depicts the brutal murder and uproar online that followed as Clark. posted selfies that were clicked next to Devins’ corpse. The documentary aired on ITVX.

Meanwhile, Clark was charged with second degree murder. He later pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. The murder allegedly took place after Clark saw Devins kissing another man she met online.


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Bianca Devins was killed at the age of 17 (Instagram/Ecsty)

What was the content of the video?

The chilling footage is part of a new documentary The Murder of Bianca Devins which aired on ITVX on Thursday (New York Post/Video screenshot)
The chilling footage is part of a new documentary ‘The Murder of Bianca Devins’ which aired on ITVX (New York Post/Video screenshot)

When police arrived at the scene, they claimed it was a highly staged crime. Clark had spray painted the words “CAN YOU NEVER FORGET ME” on the floor. Clarke also set up a speaker to play an independent song on a loop. The knife he used to kill Devins was said to have been hidden in his car the entire time. Clarke also moved her body to the ground, then covered her with a green tarp and spoke to family members on the phone, according to The Independent. Clark was apparently trying to kill himself in order to complete his murder-suicide plot when the police arrived.

Why was Bianca Devins killed?

Devins was killed by her friend Clarke. Clarke, who was 21 at the time, allegedly saw Devins kiss another man, who was an online friend. Since Clarke was a trusted family member and close friend, Devins took him along to be a chaperone. Although he planned a murder-suicide, things did not quite fall into place. He was captured screaming about killing himself in body camera footage taken after calling 911. Clarke later admitted to slitting Devins’ throat. The duo reportedly argued over their interaction with the online friend which then led to the girl’s death. Clark also posted selfies taken next to his corpse. However, photos of his corpse were shared on social media. In fact, her parents were only made aware of her horrific death after discovering the tragic footage on the internet. Apparently a friend passed it on to Devins’ mother.

What did Clarke say on the 911 call?

Clarke said during the 911 call, “My name is Brandon and the victim is Bianca Michelle Devins.” “I won’t be on the phone long because I still have to do the suicide part of the murder-suicide.” New legislation has been created by New York Governor Kathy Hochul that makes it illegal to post or share online graphic photographs of victims humiliated or abused following the widespread sharing of images of Devins’ corpse.

What was the response from Bianca Devins’ family?

Bianca’s grandfather, Frank Williams, in ‘The Murder of Bianca Devins’, said: “I remember the picture very well, and there was no doubt in my mind at the time that it was Bianca. I quickly realized that Bianca had been murdered.” Her mother, Kimberly Devins, said: “The enormity of the loss…it’s hard to accept. I’m not the only one going through this; there are so many people who are affected.”

Meanwhile, the family had already sued officials for releasing the 17-year-old’s video. Carrie Goldberg, an attorney representing Devins, said at the time: “It has been emotionally devastating and draining. The family has not had a day of peace since Bianca died over two years ago.” The lawsuit claimed they “acted unreasonably and unlawfully” towards the victim with “reckless dissemination of evidence” to media producers seeking to cover the case, according to the BBC. Of the footage being released, Kimberly also said, “It was bad enough what we had to attend in court, the details we had to hear,” according to Rolling Stone. “I can’t imagine attending a trial and having to go through that.”

Kimberly added of the relationship with Clarke, “She knew he wanted more, but Bianca just thought he was okay to be friends, and he never seemed to care much about it. He was very, very good at masking who he really was.” “We told me [that] he really caught her off guard. She had no idea what was about to happen. She didn’t have time to fight or defend herself, without warning. I don’t think Bianca could have said or done anything to prevent that at the time. He had clearly planned everything in his head.

Additionally, she said, “He literally filmed my daughter’s last breaths, and it shows how premeditated that was as well. He’s portrayed for the monster he is, and he doesn’t want people to see that. She also said, “I guess I just had the instinct of an immediate mother like, we have to sort this out.” She added: “And my first thought is that I have to protect my daughter’s dignity. She was being exploited all over the internet after she died. And it just didn’t sit well with me… You know, we’re going through the absolute worst nightmare of everyone. The worst thing you can do is lose a child, especially to murder. And then to have the pictures of that all over the internet, people being harassed, we were being harassed…”

What was Clarke’s response during the hearing?

During the hearing he said: ‘I think I have to realize what I’ve done, I can’t undo it, as much as I want. I apologize to everyone who knew and loved her. I apologize to anyone affected by this, to anyone who must have seen this awful picture of her. I know sorry isn’t enough, and it won’t undo what I did. I wish I had more to give.”

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