As White House Cocaine Bag Photos Released, Internet Asks If They Ever Blamed Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, DC: Photos revealing a bag of cocaine found in a locker near the West Entrance of the White House have been revealed following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The bag was reportedly recovered on July 2, prompting an evacuation of the West Wing and an 11-day investigation by the Secret Service.

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FBI involvement and controversy surrounding the investigation

FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate was reportedly involved in the investigation into the bag of cocaine discovered at the White House. Although the list of suspects was narrowed to 500, the lack of security footage facing the lockers hampered efforts to identify its owner.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the lockers located near the West Wing of the White House are not assigned to specific personnel. Instead, visitors can choose a locker and grab a key.

The lack of assigned lockers led to speculation that a tour participant might be responsible for the illicit substance.

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Documents obtained by the Daily Mail include updates on what happened during the investigation. One document describes the discovery as a “1” by 1″ bag of white powdery substance found near where pass holders put their phones when entering the [redacted]”.

Another noted that the person who found the cocaine “was convinced it was drug related.”

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🚨 JUST IN: Photos of cocaine found at White House released

The drugs were found in a highly secure area of ​​the White House accessible only to senior officials and direct guests of the president, including the first family.

The Secret Service has suspended their…

— Nick Sortor (@nicksortor) November 13, 2023

The Secret Service, after carrying out extensive tests, confirmed the presence of cocaine, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine in the substance discovered. However, despite analysis by the FBI, no fingerprints or DNA evidence on the “dime-sized” ziplock bag could determine ownership or those responsible.

On July 13, a Secret Service statement acknowledged the difficulties, stating: “The ownership or persons responsible for the initial placement of the object in the West Wing of the White House Complex on July 2, 2023 could not have be determined using DNA or latent fingerprinting. recovery methods. »

The cocaine was then sent for “destruction” on July 14.

Internet reacts as first photos emerge of bag of cocaine recovered from White House

Shortly after the photos were published on Monday, November 13, Internet users were quick to comment on the situation, many attacking President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

One said: “Let’s see if they try to indict Trump for this…” while another added: “Oh they know who this cocaine user is.” But they will never, ever say it. »

One person remarked: “I swear we live in the Twilight Zone!!”

“Think about it. This could just as easily have been fentanyl or anthrax. In what should be the safest place in the United States, if not the world,” someone else said.

Another joked: “It was just a little bit of cocaine, no worries. There was no way it was Hunter’s or it would have been a gallon bag.”

Let’s see if they try to indict Trump for this…

– Patrick Nealis (@Patrick_Nealis) November 13, 2023

Oh, they know who the cocaine is. But they will never, ever say it.

— Phineas J. Spratt, Esquire (@alongtheway) November 13, 2023

I swear we live in the twilight zone!! 😂😂

– Conservative American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@TammyBr28122252) November 13, 2023

Think about it. It might as well have been fentanyl or anthrax. In what should be the safest place in the United States, if not the world.

– Mega MAGA WebDiva playing with 🔥 running with ✂️ (@OlyWebDiva) November 13, 2023

It was just a little cocaine, no worries. There was no way it was Hunter’s, otherwise it would have been a gallon bag.

– Ned Eulers (@nedeulers) November 13, 2023

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre came to the defense of members of the Biden family.

Amid the controversy, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned by reporters five days after the bag was discovered.

Responding to questions about the involvement of a member of the Biden family, Jean-Pierre stressed that she had been “very clear” that the Biden family was not on the White House premises.

“You know, there’s been some irresponsible reporting on the family and so I have to call it out here,” the press secretary said, adding: “And I’ve been very clear.”

“I made it clear two days ago… the Biden family was not there, they were not there, they were at Camp David,” Jean-Pierre continued.

She added: “They weren’t here Friday, they weren’t here Saturday, they weren’t here Sunday. They weren’t even here Monday. They came back here Tuesday.”

The questions were raised in part because of Hunter Biden’s documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, detailed in his memoir. His sister, Ashley Biden, also struggled with drug use and sought treatment at a rehabilitation center.

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