Another setback for Taylor Swift as Swiftie fatally stabbed before Rio show after fan dies from heatwave

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: The anticipation and joy surrounding Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in Brazil was overshadowed by tragedy. Gabriel Milhomem Santos, a devoted Swiftie, tragically lost his life after being fatally stabbed just hours before attending Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated concert in Rio de Janeiro, according to The Mirror.

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Gabriel Milhomem Santos was an only child and deeply close to his mother

Gabriel Milhomem Santos, a vibrant 25-year-old from Belo Horizonte, was an avid Swift fan.

Described by his family as cheerful, affectionate and extremely studious, Gabriel had made the trip to Rio de Janeiro to fulfill his long-held dream: to attend Swift’s performance at the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium.

Tragically, his dream was cut short when he was fatally stabbed while resting on Copacabana beach in the early hours of Sunday morning. Gabriel was with two cousins, enjoying a peaceful moment by the iconic beach, when the unimaginable tragedy occurred.

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As reported by The Messenger, three attackers approached Gabriel while he was dozing and launched a sudden assault, resulting in a fatal stabbing.

Gabriel, an only child, had always remained deeply connected to his mother, even after pursuing studies in another state. His unwavering closeness to his family paints the portrait of a compassionate and dedicated young man.

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Gabriel’s family members said he would be laid to rest in his hometown in the western state of Mato Grosso do Sul. In a poignant tribute to the 25-year-old, he will be buried wearing the clothes he had specially made for Swift’s concert.

(Kallil Oliveira/X)
Gabriel Milhomem Santos was an only child and deeply close to his mother (Kallil Oliveira/X)

Gabriel Milhomem Santos loss follows another fan tragedy involving Ana Clara Benevides

This devastating loss follows another fan tragedy involving 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides.

During Friday’s show, Benevides collapsed, requiring immediate medical attention from doctors on scene. Despite their efforts, Benevides was rushed to hospital, where she later died, according to the Daily Mail.

Her untimely demise occurred shortly before Swift took the stage, captivating a crowd of 60,000 enthusiastic and stunned fans. The atmosphere of the concert was spoiled by the grim news of Benevides’ death.

Benevides’ family received a devastating call from doctors at Salgado Filho Hospital, announcing his tragic death. Thiago Fernandes, her friend, revealed to the press that Benevides was resuscitated after fainting at the stadium, but suffered a second arrest on her way to hospital, where she later died .

Temperatures in Rio de Janeiro soared as high as 100F on the day of Taylor’s concert, leading to local heat warnings. Fans lamented the drink bottle ban, expressing their discomfort as they shared videos feeling sweltering in the unrelenting heat.

Swift recently broke her silence, remembering Benevides as an “incredibly beautiful” person. Expressing her immense grief, Swift expressed her deep sadness over the unexpected loss.

She acknowledged her inability to address the tragedy from the stage due to overwhelming emotions and offered her sincere condolences to Benevides’ family and friends.

(Ana Clara Benevides/Facebook)
During Friday’s show, Benevides collapsed, requiring immediate medical attention from doctors on scene. (Ana Clara Benevides/Facebook)

Taylor Swift postpones her second Rio show due to extreme heat

In response to the extreme heat conditions and numerous health issues that occurred in the stadium, including fainting and vomiting due to rising temperatures, Swift postponed her second show in Rio. Concerned about the safety of her fans, crew and fellow artists, she emphasized the priority of their well-being in her Instagram statement.

The organizers, T4F (Time For Fun), addressed soaring temperatures and the need for increased safety measures for ongoing performances. They announced enhanced safety protocols for subsequent shows, highlighting the provision of free water to alleviate spectators’ heat stress.

Stressing compliance with public regulations regarding the ban on external water bottles and food, T4F stressed the strengthening of service personnel, including security personnel, medical teams and additional support staff to ensure the well-being of participants.

Warning: This article contains a memoir of a crime and may be triggering for some, at readers’ discretion.

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