Amouranth AI provider Forever Voices plunges into obscurity after CEO arrested for attempted arson

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Forever Voices, the company behind the AI ​​companion “AI Amouranth,” faced a sudden shutdown following the arrest of its CEO, John Meyer, for attempted arson.

The arrest, which took place on October 22, not only cast a shadow over Forever Voices’ AI platform, but also had repercussions on the influencer community, impacting the likes of Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and other figures in the adult content industry, according to 404 Media.

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Meyer was notably accused of causing damage estimated at $360,000 by attempting to burn down his apartment.

Forever Voices goes silent after CEO’s arrest

The unexpected disruption comes after Amouranth introduced “AI Amouranth” earlier this year, allowing fans to engage with a digital version of the Twitch and OnlyFans star. The AI ​​offered voice responses to fans’ requests, creating a unique virtual experience.

However, John Meyer’s arrest brought Forever Voices’ operations to a screeching halt, leaving users in the dark and raising concerns about the platform’s future.

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The arson allegation not only raised questions about Meyer’s mental health, as evidenced by his troubling social media activity, but also resulted in a suspension of Forever Voices’ AI services since October 26.

Onlyfans star Amouranth creates an artificial voice chatbot called “ai amo,” which charges $1 per minute via Stripe. The creator has partnered with tech startup and AI platform Forever Voices.

— Reymundo Nam (@reymundo_nam) May 21, 2023

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Prior to the arrest, Meyer’s erratic behavior was visible on Forever Voices’ social media channels, with mentions of the FBI, CIA and former US President Donald Trump. Worryingly, he allegedly made threats online, including bombing the offices of a restaurant software company.

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An affidavit obtained by 404 Media indicates that Meyer was considered an emotionally disturbed person, shedding light on underlying concerns that may have contributed to recent events.

An affidavit for his arrest revealed he had been described as an “emotionally disturbed person.”

The disruption not only affected Amouranth, but also other content creators in the adult industry who used Forever Voices’ AI services to allow users to engage in conversations with a mimicked version of the AI .

Amouranth thrives as Kick partnership doubles revenue

Amouranth recently shed light on the financial impact of its partnership with streaming platform Kick, revealing that the collaboration effectively doubled its revenue. Although the precise figures of the deal remain confidential, the famous streamer expressed the substantial benefits of her association with Kick.

The controversy surrounding Amouranth’s move to Kick in June sparked curiosity about the financial terms of the deal, especially compared to other notable streamer deals, such as xQc’s $100 million deal .

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Amouranth clarified that while she can’t disclose exact numbers, her deal with Kick shares a similar concept to xQc, having been signed around the same time by the same agent.

When asked about the comparative value of the deals, Amouranth highlighted the profitability of its Kick deal, stating that it effectively doubled its revenue across different streams.

Describing it as “very lucrative”, she highlighted the non-exclusive nature of the deal, allowing her to stream simultaneously on Kick and Twitch, mirroring the structure of her previous arrangements.

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