Alex Murdoff was kept in solitary confinement in secure isolation for fear of being assaulted by other inmates

Columbia, South Carolina: Double murderer Alex Murdoff is being held alone in a single cell under 24-hour surveillance amid fears the disgraced legal scion is targeting other inmates at the Kirkland Correctional Facility. The former lawyer, who is serving two life sentences for killing his wife Maggie and son Paul, spends up to 23 hours a day in a concrete cell with only a steel bed, toilet and sink .

According to TMZ’s source, prison officials opted to keep Moordoff away from inmates lest “he might want to demote him because of his notoriety.” Additionally, he is being held in the most secure area of ​​the prison where food is brought to the 54-year-old in his cell and he eats alone. Marduff will spend 45 days in the prison’s maximum-security unit, which houses the most violent and brutal inmates in the state, while Department of Corrections officials conduct medical exams, assess his mental health and “will collect other additional contextual information”.

‘All day and night’: Alex Murdoch admits he’s haunted by memories of murdered wife Maggie and son Paul

The Greening Ghoul: Alex Murdoff smiles in a dejected new face days after his life sentence

Alex Murdoff was sentenced to life in prison

Following the assessment and its results, Murdaugh could be transferred to the general public at Kirkland or another prison. A stark contrast to the former lawyer’s privileged world of multi-million dollar mansions while being a member of South Carolina’s most powerful legal family. He was sentenced to life in prison in early February for shooting dead his 52-year-old wife, Maggie, and 22-year-old son, Paul, on the night of June 7, 2021, at the Colleton County homestead.

Duncan Levine insisted any appeal would likely be futile

Legal experts believe any appeal is likely to be futile now that Murdoch has already admitted to some of the financial crimes he was accused of when he testified under oath at his murder trial. “He will spend the rest of his life in jail – there’s no getting out of it at this point,” Duncan Levine, a former assistant Manhattan district attorney, told The Independent. “Not only was he convicted of two heinous murders, but he got involved in financial crimes to put himself in prison for life,” he said of Murdaugh, whose defense argued his client was a drug-addicted serial thief, but also the murderer of his wife and son. not

Levine, who has previously represented Harvey Weinstein and con-man Anna Delvey, called the guilty plea a “big mistake.” “He must have looked the judges in the eye and said ‘I lied to a lot of people [on] Lots of shows, but this time you should believe I’m telling the truth,” he told the outlet. “His testimony was damning and it actually helped prosecutors convict him,” he said. Murdoff’s attorneys, Dick Harputlian and Jim Griffin, described the six-week trial as a “miscarriage of justice” and acknowledged they plan to appeal.

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