Adin Ross wants to “enter” the world of rap by releasing his album, the Internet calls it “cringe”

THREE RIVERS, CALIFORNIA: Adin Ross, primarily known for his live streams on platforms like Kick and YouTube, recently surprised his audience by displaying his singing talent during a live stream on Kick.

Venturing beyond his usual content, the streaming star expressed his desire to delve into the rap scene.

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Adin Ross criticized for his rapping skills

A fan page on X (formerly Twitter) shared a notable quote from Adin Ross during his live stream, highlighting his ambitions in the music industry.

The page quoted Ross as saying, “Rap hasn’t been the same in recent years; I think it’s time for me to step up.”

This message also mentioned Ross’ plan to release a rap album by next year, indicating his serious intention to venture into the rap scene.

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“Rap hasn’t been the same in recent years; I think it’s time for me to step up.”

Adin Ross wants to release a rap album by next year 👀‼️

– AdinUpdate (@AdinUpdate) November 11, 2023

In the following post, the fan page shared Ross’ rap video.

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This is the first song he made, thoughts ⁉️

– AdinUpdate (@AdinUpdate) November 11, 2023

The lyrics of the music prompted users to share their views in the comments section of the video. One called it “one hell of a squeak.”

Holy squeak

— Headin (@headin2x) November 11, 2023

Another user added: “Bro loves making CHEESUR suffer.”

Bro loves to make CHEESUR suffer

– winner (@999kingster) November 11, 2023

One commenter wrote: “This might be the worst album ever. It sounds like an autistic person.”

This might be the worst album of all time. Looks like an autistic person.

– L (@L80153633) November 11, 2023

Adin Ross won $2.1 million gambling

Adin Ross, a Kick streamer, won an incredible $2.1 million in a slots game. Since his days on Twitch, Adin has amassed a devoted following of viewers who love his “gamba” (gaming) streams.

The fact that Adin Ross immediately confronted Drake to congratulate him on his exceptional triumph added even more meaning to this victory.

In response to Adin’s accomplishment, Drake said, “I told you, it has to happen.” Adin and Drake are well-known personalities in the online gaming world.

An X user posted the video saying, “Adin Ross won $2.1 million gambling and calls Drake to celebrate.”

Adin Ross won $2.1 million gambling and calls Drake to celebrate.🔥

– DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) November 10, 2023

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