Abraham Bravo Segura: Texas man who held woman captive in trailer for 4 years arrested

HOUSTON, TEXAS: A Texas man has been charged with kidnapping following allegations that he held a woman captive for four years in a locked trailer. Abraham Bravo Segura, 45, allegedly held an unnamed woman in a trailer with bars on the windows and an extremely strong padlock, which rescuers had to cut with power tools to free the woman. According to the criminal complaint, Segura was charged with restraining the woman by “secreting and restraining her” in a place where she “was not likely to be found” after her arrest on Wednesday, March 8.

The 32-year-old victim, whose name has not been released, dialed 911 from a phone inside the trailer on West Greens Drive in Houston when Segura was at work, KTRK reported. She reportedly informed Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies that Segura had threatened to murder her and held her at gunpoint. Segura is being held in Harris County Jail on $150,000 bond and is expected to be charged on Monday, March 13, DailyMail reported.

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“History is one-sided”

The trailer had anti-theft window bars and a padlock, according to the criminal complaint obtained by ABC News. Firefighters tried to free it with a bolt cutter but were unsuccessful. They eventually had to use power tools to break through the bars in order to get into the trailer and free the woman. Court records indicate that three handguns were discovered inside the trailer.

A prosecutor laid out the charges against Segura during his initial court appearance on Thursday, March 9, saying he abducted the woman and imprisoned her in the trailer for four years. “The defendant had kept the plaintiff in a trailer for about four years,” the prosecutor said. “All exits from the caravan have been blocked,” continued the prosecutor. Segura said in his defense that “history is one-sided”. However, the hearing officer informed the court, “We are not going to argue the facts of the case today.”

“I saw them together”

Auseilsaul Contreras, Segura’s companion, informed KTRK that his friend was innocent, “I (saw) them together,” Contreras said, according to Fox News. “They came to our house when we were having parties and stuff. They were good. I don’t know what they’re saying.” Segura, who the public defender described as a barber and tattoo artist, previously had a misdemeanor possession of marijuana in 2006.

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