Abigail Mor Idan: 3-year-old American girl held captive in Gaza was in her father’s arms when he was shot dead by Hamas

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: A three-year-old girl held captive in Gaza was apparently in her father’s arms when he and her mother were killed by the Palestinian militant group. Fortunately, the young girl survived by managing to get out from under his body before being kidnapped.

Abigail Mor Idan and her family were in their home on Kibbutz Kfar Aza when Hamas launched the attack on October 7 and opened fire, killing her parents, Roi and Smadar, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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How were Abigail Mor Idan’s parents murdered?

Roi, a news photographer, was shot while holding Abigail and fell on top of her, but she managed to crawl “under her father’s body…full of his blood”, said her great-aunt Liz Hirsh Naftali to Lester of NBC News. Holt.

Smadar was shot dead in the living room while Abigail’s siblings, aged nine and six, sought shelter in the closets. They are now in the care of relatives.

(Screenshot/NBC News)
Abigail Mor Idan and her family were in their home on Kibbutz Kfar Aza when Hamas launched its attack on October 7 and opened fire on them, killing her parents, Roi and Smadar (Screenshot/NBC News)

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Abigail Mor Idan’s older siblings saw their parents massacred

Abigail fled to a nearby house and huddled with her family in an air-raid shelter as the massacre continued outside, Hirsh Naftali said.

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“The last thing we heard was that someone saw [a] terrorist taking this mother, her three children and Abigail out of the kibbutz. That’s all we know,” she said.

The great-aunt said Abigail’s older siblings witnessed their parents’ massacre. “They saw their mother murdered. They saw their father murdered. These children know their parents are gone,” Hirsh Naftali told NBC News.

“What do you say to these children? You give them love. You give them everything,” she added.

(Screenshot/NBC News)
Great aunt said Abigail’s older siblings saw their parents being massacred (Screenshot/NBC News)

Hirsh Naftali was joined by seven other families whose American relatives were captured, including Orna Neutra, whose son Omer, 21, an Israeli soldier from Long Island, is one of the hostages.

“It’s been 39 days. We don’t know anything. We know they were taken away. We know they were whole when they were taken. We have no idea where they are being held, if they have been tortured, if they are being fed,” Neutra said, adding: “Can you imagine that? It’s unimaginable.”

Hamas reportedly holds 239 prisoners

The Israeli government said Hamas held 239 prisoners. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States did not know the exact number of captives, although he confirmed that nine Americans were still missing.

“We don’t know their status — whether they’re alive or whether they’re deceased — but we’re looking to safely recover all of these individuals,” he told CNN.

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