A group of fishermen jump into the ocean to rescue a bronze whaler shark that had ‘six hooks’ stuck in its mouth

MANDURAH, AUSTRALIA: A group of Australian fishermen have received praise online for jumping into the water to save a struggling shark that had “six hooks” in its mouth. The men found the shark in the Dawesville Channel in Mandurah, Western Australia, on Thursday March 9, and immediately saw that it had become tangled in “weight sinkers, fishing lines and seaweed”.

In footage from the rescue operation, two men are seen in the water, one holding a bronze whaler shark while the other appeared to be using pliers to extract hooks stuck in the shark. A woman was recording the scene, which has since gone viral on TikTok as several people can be heard watching from the shore. “He’s got fangs all over him,” one said as he saw one of the men open the shark’s mouth, which he said was “cut to pieces.”

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“It’s living like a true Aussie”

@nikkimoscardini86 Rescued this BRONZE WHALE today, he pulled 6 hooks out of his mouth all tangled with sinkers, fishing line and seaweed! Dawesville Cut #fishingaustralia #shark #savethesharks #perthtiktok #viralvideo #fyp #foryourpage #fishingtiktoks #fishaustralia @Aussies Gone Wild 🇦🇺 #viraltiktok #foryoupageofficiall ♬ original sound – Nikki Mosco

“Poor bugger!” said a spectator. The men managed to get rid of the hooks, so they “let go” and sent the shark swimming towards open water. The video received thousands of comments from viewers, many of whom called the fisherman “absolute legends” for stepping in so quickly to relieve the shark’s suffering. One person wrote: “You are the best shark fisherman you could ever have. Letting them go back better than they came. Well done!” “On you guys! It’s living like a real Aussie,” said another, while someone joked, “That shark is calmer than me [at] the dentist.”

Bronze whalers are common in Western Australian waters

Bronze whalers are commonly found in Western Australian waters. This is because they feed on schools of fish, which are frequently seen close to shore, and explains why this particular shark was so close to the rocks. Also known as copper sharks, bronze whalers are huge with a long, broad, moderately rounded snout and a bulge at the base of the upper caudal fin. They are also found around offshore islands over deep water and down to depths of 100 meters, often in the surf zone.

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