A father of three finds a creative way to prevent the school from controlling what his daughter eats

NEWPORT, WALES: A father-of-three has explained how he treated one of his daughter’s teachers for calling her out on her food choices. Ross Hunt discovered that his daughter’s teachers had tried to control what she ate at school, so he took it upon himself to solve the problem, in the most original way possible. He took to TikTok to explain how he had become irritated with the way school staff had become used to handling lunches with his daughter Isabelle.

Hunt said teachers insisted she eat her vegetables and sandwiches before starting her sweet treats, an insistence that was not welcomed by father and daughter. Annoyed that the teachers pushed his daughter into it, he stuck a note on his lunch bag that read: “Welcome to Isabelle’s lunch box: we know the contents of this box and are glad that Isabelle eat what she wants.” Although it may seem to have a sharp connotation, the message was received by many people on the video-sharing platform, who shared their own stories of how schools tried to control their children’s eating habits, most often from their own lunch boxes.

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‘Stay away from the lunch box!’

In the TikTok video, Hunt said he was “irritated” by the way one of Isabelle’s school officials told him how to eat, which put the child off the idea of ​​taking his own lunch. “It’s okay if you eat the chocolate cake the school gives you, but if you put one in their lunch box, they say ‘oh no, you shouldn’t have done that,'” did he declare. He added another note to the little girl’s lunch. bag. This one read, “Stay away from the lunch box, you f*****g** nosy bandit!”

He tried to send junk food just to annoy the teachers

With the continued interference with his daughter’s lunchtime, Hunt admitted he was ready to ‘pick up (the lunch box) full of sweets’, but added a sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple , a pear, a small bag of crisps, rainbow lollipops and a chocolate egg. He then once again insisted on his point, saying: “In short, stop telling children what they should and shouldn’t eat, let the fucking parents decide!”

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