75 Hard Challenge: What are the rules of the TikTok slimming trend? Here’s how “safe” it is

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: On social media platform TikTok, a 75-day diet and exercise regimen is going viral. The creators documented the challenge as they tackle it day in and day out. The Tiktok challenge is called “75 Hard” and the hashtag #75Hard has currently gained over a billion views on the platform.

What exactly is the ’75 Hard’ challenge?

Andy Frisella, CEO of dietary supplement company 1st Phorm International, created the challenge. On her podcast, ‘Real AF’, in March 2019, Frisella, who is not a licensed clinical therapist, certified trainer, or dietician, pitched the idea for the ’75 Hard’ challenge and suggested it as a way to improve your life and lose weight. In the episode notes, he said, “I’ve spent over 20 years learning how to master mental toughness and I’m putting what I’ve learned into a program I call 75 Hard.”

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TikTok Weight Loss Challenge Rules

This involves spending 75 days adhering to five rules listed below.

Rule 1: Diet

Rule 2: Drink a gallon of water

Rule 3: Exercise twice a day

Rule 4: Read 10 pages of non-fiction a day

Rule 5: Take transformation photos

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Is the ’75 Hard’ challenge safe?

The ’75 Hard’ challenge has come under intense scrutiny. The challenge is entirely based on the extremes. It may be easy for some and impossible for others. While some participants say they benefited from it, others say the trend promotes “diet culture” and makes people feel uncomfortable about how they have to take on the challenge just to show the trend.

Albert R Matheny, certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of the SoHo Strength Lab in New York, said: “The training plan is so unspecific that you are at great risk of injury. And for a lot of people , training twice a day is too fast.” Therefore, it is best to get a physical exam from your doctor and an evaluation from a real certified personal trainer before exaggerating such tendencies.

“It looks awful”

Let’s take a look at some of the mixed responses from people. One user wrote: “I have the book”. Additionally, another added, “#75hardchallenge will follow starting March 12.” Additionally, someone noted, “Now it’s time to dominate my bitch voice.” One user added, “I haven’t felt this good since HS sport.” Meanwhile, someone slammed the challenge, saying, “75 hard challenge actually looks terrible.” Another person chimed in and tweeted, “WARNING: TikTok ’75 Hard’ Fitness Challenge Potentially Dangerous.” Additionally, one user also posted a photo of her “Day 1 vs Day 73” looks.

I have the book
Will follow #75hardchallenge from March 12
Now is the time to dominate my female dog voice#livehard pic.twitter.com/YvjeLPHhys

— Battery🇮🇳 (@BatteryOffic) March 6, 2023

Day 60 of this 75 Hard challenge.

I haven’t felt this good since HS sports.

— Dad Pitt (@Mr_Lowkey336) March 9, 2023

75 hard challenge actually looks terrible

— nadia 🗡 (@nadyewest) March 6, 2023

WARNING: TikTok “75 Hard” Fitness Challenge potentially dangerous https://t.co/XeiBICwPiU #SOCIALMEDIA #TikTok #ViralChallenges #75Hard pic.twitter.com/91Ue1qFRNu

— Parentology (@GetParentology) October 20, 2021

#75HARDCHALLENGE 💪🏽 8 days left pic.twitter.com/DG4RgCv42i

— TroyInLA (@TroyInLA) March 5, 2023

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