‘1000-lb Sisters’ stars Tammy and Amy Slaton move into cozy $75,000 home amid looming divorce rumors

DIXON, KENTUCKY: ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton has reportedly moved to a new home. But, it seems that her change was not accompanied by her newly married husband Caleb Willingham. So, Tammy is moving into her new home alone? He does not seem.

Tammy’s new space would be shared by her sister Amy Slaton and her children, Gage and Glenn. It’s nothing new for followers of the Slaton sisters that the two are going through a drastic change in their lives. Amy has been in an alleged feud with husband Michael Halterman and is reportedly seeking a divorce. On the other hand, it seems that Tammy herself is also struggling in her marriage. Amid all the personal issues looming, let’s take a look at the TLC star’s new home.


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Inside Tammy Slaton’s $76,000 Kentucky home

Amy and her two children, Gage and Glenn, have moved into Tammy’s two-bedroom house (Google Maps)

36-year-old bride Tammy has moved into a new home, according to The Sun. The house comprises a space of two bedrooms and a bathroom. The front yard of the house includes a porch. The entire space is less than 1,372 square feet. Tammy’s new house isn’t too far from the old one and is only ten miles away. The house has been owned by Slaton’s extended family since 2004. According to reports, a member of Halterman’s family helped Tammy get the new house. Tammy’s new house is supposed to be worth $76,000.

Why didn’t Caleb Willingham move in with Tammy Slaton?

Caleb is currently in rehab in Ohio. And, that long distance seems to have affected Tammy and Caleb’s newlywed life. Indeed, Caleb is unable to join Tammy to move into the new house. Additionally, it has been reported that tensions have been building between the couple over the transfer of Tammy’s husband from Ohio to Kentucky. Tammy moves into a new house as she needs to find a place to stay now that she’s back from rehab. Tammy’s last home was allegedly robbed by thieves. The thieves allegedly “kicked in the back door and stole furniture”, according to The Sun. The forced entry and the theft of valuables has shaken the Slatton sisters. It became one of the reasons Tammy found a new haven.

Amy moves in as she struggles emotionally amid rumored split with Michael

Amy has yet to officially file for divorce from her husband, Michael. But, there have been reports that the two are no longer together. A source told the outlet that Amy had recently felt “overwhelmed” despite her sister’s support. Amy and Michael have not announced their separation in public. They secretly separated. But, there are rumors on the internet that the two have been feuding for a long time now. The allegedly estranged couple have been fighting for months to get their children featured on the reality show. Michael doesn’t want his sons on camera at all. However, Amy would have disagreed with the same.

Let’s still wait and see if the Slaton sisters’ marriages will survive.

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