‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ star Tina Arnold slammed for sharing old photo showing slimmer figure

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Tina Arnold, the star of the TLC reality show ‘1000-Lb Best Friends,’ is becoming increasingly popular with viewers. Recently, it was revealed that the star had received approval for weight loss surgery and could do it with Ashley Sutton. Tina impressed viewers with her progress on the show and inspired many with her journey. However, as fate would have it, Tina got cold feet at the last moment and refused the operation.

Recently, the ‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ star shared a much slimmer photo of herself, and for a while the internet was abuzz, believing she had undergone weight loss surgery and lost a lot. weight. They praised her for her looks and her achievement, but soon the internet was chastising the reality star for cheating on them with a throwback photo.


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Has Tina Arnold lost an incredible amount of weight?

This year, Tina has made great strides in losing weight. Fans are incredibly impressed with how Tina has maintained her diet and exercised during Season 2 of “1000-Lb Best Friends.” While it’s true that Tina Arnold’s refusal to change her lifestyle in Season 1 upset many viewers, she’s come a long way since then. She now follows a vegetarian diet and has worked hard to improve her eating habits.

The TLC star surprised her fans by posting a new photo on Instagram. “#tinaarnold #1000lbbestfriends #whosthat #sheshot” Tina captioned the post. In the photo, the TLC star has much longer hair and a much slimmer figure. The internet was amazed at how much weight Tina seemed to have lost in such a short time. Soon doubts arose, and skeptics declared that the photo must have been a throwback. The fact is, however, that even though Tina has not yet reached her ideal weight, she has made tremendous progress since her debut.

“Is that you at 18? Internet doubts Tina Arnold’s weight loss

Tina’s new Instagram post had sent netizens into a frenzy, they were taken aback by her much slimmer build and believed the star had finally undergone surgery. Some Tina fans then pointed out that this photo is probably from when she was young. She has long hair and looks much younger. Although Tina was a bit evasive in the comments at first, she later confessed that she was 34 when this photo was taken, which means she’s almost 9 years old. Many users criticized Tina for sharing this photo. One said, “I’m pretty sure this is a throwback…she just colored her short hair.” Another asked: “Are you 18?” Another commented, “this is a throwback pic…not her now.”

Many users doubted Tina and asked how old this photo was. One user said, “Is it you now?” Another said: “‘Is this recent?’ Another commented, “this looks like an old photo.” The TLC star clapped back, saying, “Well shit, now I just feel embarrassed for you. I wasn’t either, I was giving you an honest compliment because you were the first to know it was a flashback.” She also added, “In your defense though, I’m a bit like a** sometimes…but if you’re really, really careful, it’s always someone who deserves it because that was a 🍆 first.”

New episodes of “1000-Lb Best Friends” premiere on TLC and Discovery+ Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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