10 Hilarious Patrick Mahomes Memes As Eagles Fans Drag Him For Looking For A Flag After Every Game

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: The Philadelphia Eagles staged a miraculous comeback in a dramatic matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, November 20, overcoming a 10-point halftime deficit to win 21-17, a sweet revenge from last year’s Super Bowl rematch. 57.

Although Jalen Hurts played a central role in the game, rushing for two touchdowns and contributing 150 passing yards, Eagles fans were busy denouncing Patrick Mahomes’ “whiny attitude” by pleading for a flag to the referees on the field after each play.

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Patrick Mahomes pleads for “another” flag

Mahomes looks for a flag after every play. #PHIvsKC pic.twitter.com/A6BOS8A2UN

— sad former Lions fan (@LionsfanSad) November 21, 2023

Patrick Mahomes’ on-field antics rankle with opposing fans who criticize his repeated gestures toward the referee to report an innocent opponent after each play.

Referees are now also under fire

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referees every time Mahomes calls for a flag pic.twitter.com/lnCYx27MOe

– Doug Farrar ✍ (@NFL_DougFarrar) November 21, 2023

A user on taken became apparent to Eagles fans in the latest heavyweight clash.

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Mahomes tries to get the referees’ attention

Mahomes tries to get the refs attention after every play by begging for a flag pic.twitter.com/lZTlE6SUHo

– Dylan MacKinnon (@DylanFMackinnon) November 21, 2023

NFL fans have criticized Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes for his constant complaints about officials’ decisions. One user wrote, “Mahomes tries to get the refs’ attention after every play by begging for a flag,” attaching a GIF of a cartoon character snapping his fingers.

‘At your service’

Mahomes calls for a flag
Refs pic.twitter.com/NslmuWO16h

– Howie 🌹 (@zram0213) November 21, 2023

Under this meme, one user remarked, “every damn time” upon seeing the refs comply with Mahomes’ disruptive calls to signal the opposing player.

‘It must be nice’

Patrick Mahomes does this and the referees immediately throw flags. Must be nice.#PHIvsKC pic.twitter.com/mvPu7Zw662

— Mike McDaniel (@MikMcDaniel) November 21, 2023

When the Chiefs didn’t get the calls Patrick expected throughout the game, the two-time MVP protested by throwing his hands in the air.

‘Sir Yes Sir!’

Patrick Mahomes

“THROW THE FLAG”#Eagles#ChiefsKingdom
Re-release ⬇️⬇️⬇️ pic.twitter.com/w1foEJuqf4

– Aalok Gautam 🥰 (@Grtitude) November 21, 2023

Eagles fans made it a point on social media to denounce the referees officiating the game as much as they did to complain about Mahomes. One posted a GIF of Dwight Schrute’s “The Office” greeting meme to describe their thoughts on the situation.

“Here are the flags”

Here are the Mahomes flags… pic.twitter.com/tOJ8CKjrPc

–Patrick (@patrickryan5_) November 21, 2023

Mahomes looks at the refs looking for a flag after every play pic.twitter.com/P38vUZlrET

– ケニー 🦅 (@kencrudix) November 21, 2023

Mahomes’ constant protests to the referees seem to be paying off, as the 28-year-old quarterback seems to get what he wants more often than not. A meme attacked the referee, giving in to his request by saying: “Wait! Flag on the play!”

Pointing out the opponent who deserves a flag

Patrick Mahomes showing the referee who to throw a flag at pic.twitter.com/HElqn19CJJ

– Pardon My Take (@PardonMyTake) November 21, 2023

Mahomes: Hello, I would like a flag… right here please, thank you… pic.twitter.com/0VZJj3JvE0

— mrs_crys.edwards215 (@mrs_edwards605) November 21, 2023

Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes pointed the finger at opposing players when urging officials to throw a flag, and NFL fans don’t like it one bit. Eagles fans couldn’t help but point out his behavior using appropriate memes.

In one, a person can be seen talking on the phone and the user wrote: “Mahomes: Hello, I would like a flag… here please, thank you…”

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